The Unknown Lodger

I awoke this morning
and you were gone
So many years you’d lodged
unsuspected in this house
Until today I saw you
The soulless trespasser
who stole my very life

Oh, I do not hate you, for
you knew not who you were
or what you did
I pity all of your
unnecessary suffering
and struggles to survive

No doubt you will wish
to visit once in a while
It will be different now
As a guest you will
be tolerated here
But never again
allowed to reside

For I have seen through
your cunning disguise
And now I am free


Dawn meditation

Morning at sunrise
Buttocks on zafu
The monkey chatters
and throws bananas
Knee joints tremble
and grind out pain

Frogs croak
Cattle moan
A donkey complains
Birds sing in the dawn
Sunlight stripes the floor

Slowly, slowly
Eternal stillness is sensed
Embracing pain, chattering,
songs and complaints

Then just awareness of




Arising and passing
as mind dissolves into


Soul Journey

The walls fell away,
my soul flew out into space
Became one of the beings
of the heavenly race

A light shone in darkness
Only love all around
Angel voices within
told me something profound

Something too long forgotten
sought after so many years
Then awakening came
and slayed all my fears

This time for good
I knew my true worth
And that heavenly light
now shines here on Earth