Glastonbury Festival

A momentary dream,
a world within a world,
has arisen in Avalon
That mythic land
of Grail and legend

Came gathered together
a merry band of mystics
In tipis and yurts and
crazy-painted buses
To imagine a new land
of enlightenment and peace

Leatherworkers, carvers,
Tinkers and jewelers
Buskers, hustlers,
Dealers and stealers
Jugglers, clowns,
Mimes and comedians
Visionaries, prophets,
Poets and artists
Stoned astronomers lecturing
at two in the morning to
starry-eyed children of
the glory of the Sun

We did dawn meditation with
The Hiroshima Peace Flame
as the Tor rose up from the mist
We danced to trance at midnight
as flaming lanterns flew high
to honor the full solstice moon

For a few days we were
in a land called possibility,
but all dreams come to an end
Dispersed again, slowly we headed
back to the gray lands beyond

But in our eyes new light shone,
and in our hearts burned a fire
For our spirits tasted a freedom
that had transformed our souls.