The Unknown Lodger

I awoke this morning
and you were gone
So many years you’d lodged
unsuspected in this house
Until today I saw you
The soulless trespasser
who stole my very life

Oh, I do not hate you, for
you knew not who you were
or what you did
I pity all of your
unnecessary suffering
and struggles to survive

No doubt you will wish
to visit once in a while
It will be different now
As a guest you will
be tolerated here
But never again
allowed to reside

For I have seen through
your cunning disguise
And now I am free


2 thoughts on “The Unknown Lodger

  1. Intriguing words! My conscious thoughts twisted and turned with each line, going to a new place, searching for a reason. But always the reasons and understandings are the readers. Great piece!

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